The envents of the Second World War linked to the Oriental Gotic Line have deeply marked the history of Valconca territory and the mind of its inhabitants.

In order to boost collective memories of local places and communities involved in war events of September 1944, the municipalities of Montescudo–Monte Colombo, Gemmano, Montegridolfo, San Clemente and Mondaino, with the support of Emilia-Romagna Region (Law for the upgrading of the 19s memories) have decided to create the project "Memorie dalla Linea Gotica Orientale".

Interviews and stories about people who lived in Valnconca in summer 1944, are published on the website linked to the project. The objective is to attract interest of young generation about those terrible events.

The videos, shot by Gruppo Icaro, multimedial network in Rimini, points out on witnesses because they are the autentic richeness of our history, we have to protect them because they are very fragile.

All those voices are different from each other, they are unique, tender and impressive, they form a choir. Each aspect of these testimonies inspieres different suggestions and thoughts linked to places where people lived. Some of there were little children when the events took place.

Every video is composed by interviews to witnesses and panoramic frames of the Valconca territory. The project was enriched with historical clips thanks to Istituto Storico della Resistenza e dell’Italia contemporanea di Forlì-Cesena.

Those videos are emotional and they boost the tourist to discover this territory.

An interactive map makes it very easy to discover the area, the main points of interest and the video interviews connected to it.

The site is also enriched with interviews to University professors, videos on a special training seminar for teachers (2019).

In the website there is a special section in English language. One of the activity of the project, thinking to international historical and tourist promotion of this heritage, is the English subtitles of the interview with Cesare Finzi, a Jew who escaped persecution and the DVD "Rosso: il Fronte”, realized by Silvana Cerruti some years ago. They are both documents of extraordinary value for recognizing, studying and consolidating what has come to us from the years of the Second World War.

The website includes interviews, readings, audios, photos, books, an interacitve map, links to other archives about Oriental Gotic Line Museums in Valconca.
This project is due to the collaboration among mucipalities mentioned above, started in 2014, to promote the local and collective memory of the 1944 in Valconca.
Moreover, the project is part of APPEACE – War Places/Peace Citizens.